CEO, Creative Director and Choreographer

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We are so pleased to announce we are back in the studio! All classes and privates take place in the studio or if you would prefer a private class via zoom or a home visit that is also an option! Simply book your consultation today with Amirah Directly and lets get you dancing!

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CEO, Creative Director and Choreographer

Amirah has over 23 years of dance experience and Is trained in over 12 different dance styles. She has attained a Degree in Dance Urban Practice BA Hons, She has taught and facilitated at Move It Dance Exhibition and has performed all over London and abroad.

"I believe dance is my gift and its my job to share it with the world."

Amirah has her own dance curriculum that she can teach in schools that consists of a variety of different skills and challenges different abilities to excel physically and mentally through a fun and vibrant class. Not only will they get to dance different styles but she teaches about the history of the styles and timeline it came from so the children are able to recognise and have appreciation for what they are learning.

Supreme Gift Dance Company was founded in February 18th 2017.

I opened up my own company because of the lack of opportunity I saw for the youth of today. With nothing really happening due to closures of youth clubs and no funding I took a stand through my love and passion of dance and made this company for anyone to come and express themselves in a creative, safe environment rather than being elsewhere and vulnerable to the influences of today. 

So far we have performed at family fun days, Greenwich Theatre and have produced our very own dance videos and projects which show off the skills and talent we have.

If you would like to join us we are based in slough physically so do get in touch today we are always welcoming to new comers and new talent to join our company! 

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